820HP poor signal. Way off predicted

Have an 11 mile link that we’ve swept up/down left/right beyond the lobes to LOS on both ends and I’m still 30db off link planner. Beginning to think this is a hardware or software issue. Looking for thoughts on what might be causing this. MSE isn’t great but neither is signal. I’ve been aligning w/ fixed script 1501. Thanks

Are you sure you have the waveguide adapter oriented correctly for the polarity you are operating on? That would be the first thing I would check on both sides.

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Is the link truly LOS? Did you verify through a site survey? The clutter data in LINKPlanner is about 10m resolution, depending on the area, and there are default heights associated with the clutter types that may not be accurate. For licensed links a survey is always required to verify LOS.

Yes, I have driven the link several times and there are some highline poles that I can’t get to get exact coordinates but they are close. I guess it’s possible we are hitting one of those squarely.

I am using the OMT and we’ve pulled everything apart to verify. Thank you

30dB is a good indication of polarity mismatch.