820S/C wide, channel no longer fixed to 80mhz?


i was recently doing a desing in LinkPlanner and noticed that when choosing the wide version of the radio, it is no longer fixed to 80mhz, but now has a drop down menu to select other size channel. i thought that if you wanted to use smaller channel sizes, you needed to use the narrow version of the product (i know that the narrow lets you select the 80mhz, but really operates at 60mhz in term of speed, that is not my concern). is this new to the latest linkplanner update? i distinctly rememeber it locking to 80mhz with a wide radio.

if you now have the ability to lower the channel size on an 820 wide radio, then why even bother with the narrow?


LINKPlanner introduced this change in version 4.8.3, in July: http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/LINKPlanner/LINKPlanner-v4-8-3-Now-Available/m-p/90643

The narrow radio is less expensive.

Some customers buy the wide radios and deploy them with narrow channels, in the hopes that if their capacity needs change, they can "upgrade" them (by choosing a wider channel) very easily without a tower climb!

I hope this helps!


that helps very much, thank you!

so, essentially, if you buy the narrow version, you can still select a smaller channel size, however the radio will not operate beyond the maximum throughput available in a 60mhz channel. 

wheras with the wide, you can now select smaller channel sizes, but if you set it to 80mhz, it will actually provide you the throughput commensurate with the full 80mhz bandwith?

thanks again!