820s Repair Options

I need to send an 820s off for repair. Is the only way to send it off is to open an RMA service ticket? Are there other authorized service centers for this product besides the one in Floida?


I have forwarded this to support and the product team


Any updates on this? I have a out of warranty radio that needs repair and I need to know where to send it. I requested a RMA about a week ago and have not heard back from support.  Thanks

I have re-sent this to the support team

So, I thought I would update this message. First, thanks for sending this posting along to Cambium. Didn't do any good, but you made the effort. 

I made two different requests for RMA and they also went unanswered. I finally contacted someone at Cambium service and he got a case going and the radio is in service now, for about two weeks so far.

 Here's the kicker, I had to purchase a new radio, overnight it for Saturday and pay my tower crew OT to install it. I also purchased a full key for the unit. Well, this one has failed, same symptoms as the last 3 (YES, THREE) radios I have installed on this site. Now, first reaction it is a site issue. OK, I have another 820S 11Ghz on this site, no issues. Same with the Trango, Dragonwave, Mikrotik, ePMP that have never failed on this site. What is blowing this units up? We have changed everything on site for this unit. Power supplies, cables, even run fiber and separate power, no POE. We have grounding and surge protection on the management port. Am I missing something???

 Anyone who have any ideas, i'm open. My last resort, which is almost a reality, is to remove the Cambium radios and dishes and install a different manufacture. I do not like throwing 10g into the waste basket.


Thanks for reading



How did you make the RMA requests? Was it through our support site? 

Did you try bench testing these radios before deploying them on the tower? What is the failure scenario? Does it just not power on? I think it's unlikely that you received three bad radios in a row and would agree that it could be site related. What is the voltage of DC power that you're providing to the radios? 


Both attempts to open a case were on your web site. Both appeared to be accepted, but no number or call back happened.

As for three bad radios, your right, odds are... This is happening on a site where there are many other products running and have a 0 failure rate, including a Cambium 11Ghz PTP. It is like there is some data packet that tells this radio to turn off, and it does, and does not come back. Power cycling the unit does not help, and there is only one red light on the radio. The others never flicker. There is also no warning before the failure occurs.

Cambium benched tested the radio that is in for repair now. It passed all your tests. It died several months after being in service. Current one is 3 months. We powered tested this one before putting it up. No issues were noticed. Voltage to radio was 53Vdc.

Something is causing these radios to have a major failure. You have a unit in the repair shop now, maybe a engineer can look at it and see what is failing. In my 20+ years as a systems engineer, I have seen some weird thins happen.

cngr, sorry about the delays/lack of responses to the tickets. I'll have to let tech support work through the case with you to trouble shoot and root cause the problem. I wonder if it's grounding related. I can't think of why the power system is working fine with other readios including another PTP820, but that one location keeps damaging other radios. Have you had someone check the voltages on the ends of those cables?

Hi Brian:

Yes, we have had the radio end voltage check, we logged it 52.9. all this equipment is located in one rack and all power supplies are plugged into a ups, so AC spikes would be rare and should affect all units. We had both 820s attached to the same power supply. Only the Sparks link fails, and only fails at the same. I see no activity from the radio. It acts like the flash has been erased. I am leaning at something from the other end is coming down, either through the data or RF interfaces. It is not ground, connections, power that is causing as we have changed it multiple times and, again, there is other equipment on site that do not fail.