8ms Frame Size

It would be great to be able to sync with the new ubiquiti AC gear at 8ms frames on ePMP and PMP450 gear to avoid interference from others using that gear on the same towers in opposite directions when GPS sync is enabled on all gear.

Yeahhhh... that's never going to happen... I really really doubt 8ms frames will ever come to be on Cabmium's side... it looks as though Ubiquiti will have 5ms 75/25 splits here soon with release 8.3.1. Even with that though, there's still no guarantee that sync or back to back frequency reuse will work. Just because some of the primary user facing settings can be set the same doesn't mean that the behind the scenes timing mechanisms are compatible.

@Eric Ozrelic

On the 8.3 FW there isn't any max distance setting. It seems to be hardcoded to 75 km