9.0 into CMM with older equipment

Okay so here is the Setup I have at a tower

1 CMM running 2.2 Build 2b

with 3 AP’s and 3 BH

BHs - running 7.3.6 Software as this is older non-hardware capable equipment
3 AP’s are running 8.2.4 - NO Issues

However behind one of the BH’s we have a 2.4 Cyclone running 9.0 for testing

SInce then The BH’s on the CMM will randomly have increased latency (~125 - ~150ms ) from the router to that BH

Errors I am getting are RxOverrun - on all devices on the CMM but the BH are the only devices showing issues

When I turn off the 9.0 AP - all is well and no more latency ? Any thoughts besides upgrading BH’s? HA


Okay so cancel that previous statement about 9.0 possibly causing an issue!! 9.0 is great

ended up being a customer on that AP cranking out over 5000+ Packets per second - this is what was causing all devices behind the CMM to appear unstable!!!

Thanks for all the Views


relax Motorola - 9.0 is still a great release!! … for now

I was gonna say - sounds like you have someone who really likes their BitTorrent or is node in a botnet DDoSing something :slight_smile:

is 9.0 safe to deploy yet?