9.3 and P10 BH20

Any one running any P10 20Meg BH’s on 9.3? If so, any problems?

We have had to reboot more often with 9.x on these.

Swapped radios, same thing. Symptom… slow to almost broke throughput wise.

Reboot fixes instanatly

Paul, PDMNe

Can you expand on that.

How much Bandwidth is going through the link?
Downlink %?
Noise FLoor?

Well we bit the bullet and upgrade a P10 BH20 to 9.3.

So far it’s working fine.

Now we previously had P9’s running 7.2.9 in these locations and replaced them with P10’s that were on 8.2.4. After we replaced the P9’s with the P10’s we noticed a 5db decrease in signal. Then once we upgrade the P10’s to 9.3 re saw another 5db loss in signal. So the link effectively went from -58 to a -68 which we thought was quite drastic. Anyone else have any info on this?