9.3 MIBS & NMS

Need some help, obviously because I am posting here and you are reading this! :slight_smile:

First Off:
I need the 9.3 Firmware MIBS, Where do I get them?

I am using a a NMS called AdventNet OpManager for monitoring Motorola Canopy products as well as other network devices. Anyone heard of it? It is actually a very nice, user friendly GUI. My only problem is that I cant get the MIBS to load to mnitor things such as dB levels, Jitter etc,. It may be that I am loading them the wrong way but I have loaded them (with the older FW MIBS) EXACTLY the way that it says in the manual and from support of the product. I cannot get the custom monitors to work. Funny thing is, I loaded them EXACTLY the same way in a 30-Day trial version of this software and it works great, now it isnt working at all. Explained this to support and in a round about way they think I am crazy. They said if it worked with the TRIAL version it will work with the full. WELL, in theory, YES. But is that always true? Now I am a few thousand dollars into this program and it isnt working! ANYWAY - to my point. Do any of you have any tricks or tips or even use this program to help me out in loading the MIBS for custom monitoring. ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

I am interested in what all of you have to say. Im getting frustrated and I am sure that shows in my post. Please let me know if you have any ideas you can show me.

THANK YOU in advance!


The MIBS are available on the software download page for canopy.

there is alot of moto crap text in the MIB files. I had to remove it to get them to load into SNMPc

What did you have to remove? IS there anyway you could ZIP them and send them to me?