9.4+ RF Rate

Hi everyone,

Not sure if anybody else has noticed this, but after upgrading my lab AP and SM to 9.4.2 I noticed a discrepancy from 9.3 (found it exists in 9.4 as well): the RF rate field is no longer populated in Prizm.

This creates a big problem for me as I have a scheduled task that enforces a lower bandwidth plan for poorer links, as well as this field in the database acts as a reference for our tech support so they can spot if a radio should be in 2X but is running in 1X.

Has anybody experienced similar? Maybe even found a workaround? (I have not contacted Moto support yet)


Is this an SNMP OID? What is the OID and what kind of data does it return? If it represents the usable throughput based on RF conditions, then I’ve been hoping to see a feature like this for some time, had no idea it was already there.

Haha no, nothing nearly so fancy. There is probably an OID for this, but what I am specifically looking at is the “RF Rate” configuration option in Prizm. This is pulled from the database column nodemgr_element_attribute.rf_rate. This simply reflects the “Enable 2X mode” option that has been configured in the radio.