9.5 software

they took away the frame spreading from the APs!!!

or did they just move it, we had to downgrade back to 9.3 because we are next door to a 2nd canopy ISP and we have customers intermixed and they would not re-lock

It’s still there for me under Configuration->Radio on P9, P10 on 2.4 and 5.8 APs…

Under the config tab confirmed.


Please explain how frame spreading helps if you are close to other canopy POP


So every canopy frame has a beacon at the beginning of it. This beacon gives info about the AP to the SMs such as radio frequency, color code and a bunch of other stuff. If my AP and your AP are both visible to an SM the SM has to figure out which one to try to register to. If the APs are too close then the SM might not be able to hear the beacon from my AP and it might only hear the beacon from your AP and therefore can’t register. Transmit frame spreading makes it so that the AP doesn’t send the beacon info with every frame…there is a randomizing algorithm that the AP uses that offsets the beacon. If we both turn on transmit frame spreading on our APs then it gives the SMs who can hear both AP a better chance of hearing the beacon. (for it to really do any good you and your competitor would need to enable it)

This option should only be used as a last resort to mitigate interference

reason being is that canopy over comes interference with the GPS timing of the frames. all your APs in a cluster transmit at the same time and then all your APs listen for the SMs at the same time (assuming that you have your max miles, downlink % and control slots all set the same on your APs and on your competitors APs). When you turn on transmit frame spreading the metronome doesn’t “tick” with every frame. It “ticks” with a randomizing algorithm. That can cause your system to be ever so slightly out of sync at times which there for can cause bit errors and bit errors cause re-transmitts and re-transmitts cause a slower network etc.

however sometimes in a crowded noisy environment some bit errors are better than your clients failing to register completely. I personally would trow every trick in the book at the problem first and resort to transmit frame spreading last.

*also because of the different frame size of the 900Mhz system the transmit frame spreading option is not available for that frequency. In some versions of 8.x firmware it showed up on the config page of 900 gear but moto hides it from those APs now.

hope that helps!

So… back to the subject: 9.5 Software

I’m glad they FINALLY have support for multiple color codes :slight_smile: So far, no issue that we ran across.

Any one else roll this out?

Testing it on 1 tower as of today. So far so good. Clearing statistics is a nice little bonus! The transmit receive timing has definatly changed from 9.4.2 so be aware of that if you run it on towers near any other towers.

our neighbor upgraded to 9.5 also and the problem went away, i’d say somethings changed with the timing, and the frame spreading is NEEDED for us, we had customers work fine for days, then just wouldn’t see our AP for hours or even days, and then magicly they would be back… same issue would happen for our neigbors we switch to frame spreading and the problem went away for both of us,

i don’t see any abnormal bit errors, or any desernable slow down on those APs compared to others.