9 900 APs on same tower?

Has anyone ever done this before?

Is there anyway you can put 9 900 Mhz integrated APs on the same tower and have it work well?

mmmmmmmmmmmi would say.

thats a disaster waiting to happen.
theres only 3 usable non overlapping channels in 900mhz.
soooo you would have 3 ap’s running on the same channel in a relatively close situation. thats begging for trouble.

No. You can get 6 AP’s to a cluster assuming that all three frequencies are clear.

The right solution is to stack bands. Connect very close and LOS customers with the 2.4/5.x and use the 900 for you longer and NLOS customers.

Then you can get as many as 30AP’s on the same tower

6 @ 900, 2.4, 5.2, 5.4, 5.7

However I would take a serious look at 3.65.


Assuming you are not in an exclusion zone, you really need to be looking at 3.65 WiMAX.
http://www.wimax360.com/forum/topic/sho … ic%3A64168

Redline, and a few others already have WiMAX gear available. It’s darn costly, but in within 12 months the costs will probably drop.