900 450i 16.2.# firmware with PMP 100 v13.4.1 sync

We have both 900Mhz 450i and old 900Mhz Canopy. Currently we are running 15.1 on the 450i’s and 13.4.1 on the Canopy 100’s (as I believe that is the highest version of firmware available for the Canopy 100 radios).

I do have to reboot random 450i’s from time to time and I was thinking new firmware might resolve that and a few other minor issues.

If I upgrade my 900Mhz 450i’s to 16.2.# will I need to change anything on my Canopy 100’s running 13.4.1 to maintain sync between the two systems regarding the Frame Alignment Legacy Mode or anything else ?


No, I don’t believe you will need to change anything on the 450 side… but I highly recommend updating software to something other than 15.1. I recall several issues with that particular software (I believe there was a 15.1.1 and even a released to address critical bugs).

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