900 and trees

has anyone noticed a difference beween the effects of pine trees vs oak brush or a tree with a broad leaf on 900 MHz?

RF generally will penetrate pine trees over leafy trees

Wow, Steve. I hate to contradict, but that’s exactly opposite our experience, at least with 900MHz. We’ve found that a pine tree is death to our installs. We cut through many layers of deciduous trees, while a single pine tree pretty much kills us outright. Are you talking about some of the other frequencies, maybe?

This is my experience with 2.4 and 5.8. We just got into 900 so I havent had the experience with it. I made and assumption, and we all know what happens when we assume.

However, I am never wrong, I was wrong once, in second grade, other than that never. I can only assume that your pine trees have a high metalic content

Ok, Steve, thanks for setting me straight!


Yes pine trees is bad news for any rf frequency…

well that is teh suck guys because we got a lot of those in colorado

Matt at Smarter Broadband puts them up in the pine trees and says it works incredibly well.

The cable swags away from the trunk (squirrels will chew it if it’s next to the trunk) and down to the house.

900 requires a lot of practice and experience. Projected numbers from a program like radio mobile are pretty worthless when it comes to dealing with trees. Sometimes on an install I can get through 20 trees sometimes only a few. The only easy answer I have is gain and lots of it. Use high powered AP antennas (MTI or Til-tek sectors) and high powered SM antennas (14 or 17dbi yagis).

But when it doubt put it up in the top of the tree!

If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em!

I assume you are using a lift truck or boom to get the antenna there?

Are you just screwing in the mount with lags?

That is about 120ft up the tree. I arrange with a tree climber to go up there and mount the antenna. The standard j-arm mount uses four 2-1/2 inch lag bolts to hold it to the tree.


I should mention: That is only one example of about 200 installs in trees like that.

I would think theres a huge difference between shooting outward between a few branches and shooting thru several trees worth of branches over 1/4 to1/2 mile thats more of what I meant by my initial question thanks for the tip!!!. I do have one 2.4GHz AP mounted just like that 50ft in a tree that serves again about 20 people pretty well but they all see that tree clearly. The main thing is that from the SM’s perspective and the distance of the first frenzel zone (like for 1/4 mile it starts at 1meter) its more of a density from point a to point b not really the material involved i think. Another observation I have made in my case Like i stated earlier is that when it rains in a heavily treed area the connection gets even worse. Does that AP-in-a-tree fade when oit rains? I am using mostly 14db yagis (some 9db) but havent looked into amping my transmit yet. And yeah I agree …Zen and the art of 900MHz

p.s. sick tree install bro

We have tested 900MHZ canopy an went through some brick buildings actually.