900 antenna's

anyone using mti for their 900 panels.

they seem to make several big honkers just wondering
if anyone has any of them running

i am wanting to connect my 900 advantage ap to something with some power

Just installed an MTI horizontal omni antenna on a water tower. We were getting interference from typical vertically polarized frequency hopping systems. Replaced an Antel 87010 vertical omni with the MTI 6ft 11.5db gain horizontal omni. This antenna is expensive, but the 20db improvement in signals is worth every penny. The interference in the spectrum analyzer is down about 20db as well. SMs that would not register, or re-reg all the time are now using 2x, not re-regging and getting 100/100 linktest percentages. It wont eliminate every problem, because the SMs might be near the interference sometimes.

I also had an area that used the Antel horizontal omni. I have heard good reports from that antenna as well. Its the same antenna that lastmilegear.com uses for their 900 mod radio. That antenna is a same bracket replacement for a mast mount. That might be a consideration for some locations.

There are some MTI 45 degree panels that work really well for some applications. Bottom line is that horizontal seems to solve a lot of problems, reduced interference and gets through trees much better than vertical.

Be advised that the MTI omni has a flat baseplate. That needs to be considered for some installations. On the water tower, it required some unistrut fabrication, but it was worth it, since we could only get one antenna mounted up there.

Hope this helps. Guess I can vouch for the performance of those antennas.


Which model antenna did you use in the above post?