900 AP Configuration

  1. What should I set my Downlink Data to? Currently it is set to 75% is this the norm? What effects will this have overall?

    2. What should I set my max Range to? Currently it is set to 100 Miles, what effect does this have or should I change it to?

    Is there anyway to measure the amount of usage on this AP so I can tell when I need to add another AP? I have heard that 50-60 people is about it on the AP but how can I tell when it is time to add another AP? I know on my cisco routers I can use MRTG and measure CPU, bandwidth, etc… can I do this on the Canopy?


we use our routers to monitor traffic to the ap’s

do not set the distance to 100 miles!! Throughput suffers greatly because the module spends much of its time waiting for delayed replies from supposedly an sm out 100 miles. Even changing 20 miles to 10 miles will pick up 20% or so on throughput.

On your first question, the DataDown setting depends on the nature of your traffic. Typical Internet use for both homes and businesses produces much more data going to the user from the outside world than the other way around. This is why the factory default for DataDown is 75%.

On the other hand, if there are Internet web servers located at the Canopy SM sites, the servers would benefit greatly if DataDown was set to 25%. If there are VoIP connections being made from the SM, 50% DataDown would be the most appropriate.

The nature of the Canopy system, however, requires all APs in the same frequency band and mounted in the same cluster to have their DataDown set the same. Different AP clusters could potentially have different DataDown settings, but this may create problems or restrictions in the larger Canopy network.