900 ap passing very little traffic

got a 900 ap that in the last month has dramatically stoped passing traffic i got 6 megs across the switch its in from the bh speed tests off the switch show 6 megs plus but even with only me on the ap and no one else the best i can get for speed is 1.2 down and about 700 k up looking for any ideas before i start swaping out gear ap is running 9.0 sw on a p9 board sm’s are a mix of p9 and p10 hopefuly someone has seen this my noise floor is -87 and the testing i ran with the single sm i was reg at -56 so no noise issues

well your post is a little confusing.

are you trying to get 6mbs out of the 900 AP? thats not going to happen? and as far as 1.2 and 700 that sounds about right depending on your download % and control slots.