900 AP power port no receive timing

I have a 900 AP which has been receiving GPS thru timing port for 1.5 years. I recently installed a micro and it won’t receive timing thru the power port-yet two BHMs will. The connector on the ground is fine but I haven’t checked the top (200ft). Any ideas?

Try a different port on the CMM.

I take it that the timing cable is still plugged in up at the top; did you happend to unplug the CMM that it was orignally atached to?

If not than this could be causing alot of your issues.

I tried a different port-no luck. I then removed the timing connection from the slave to the ap (at the bottom). This is where the ap was originally getting its timing from. This had no affect. The CMM passes timing to the other BHMs just fine. I think my problem may be in the ap?

I am having the same issue on 2 of my sites. First site, I thought was maybe just a bad part, put 2 sites in a row and the same problem??? Seems a little weird. Both sites are CMM-Micro. Just a pain in the a** to climb the 250ft to check the issue. Thankfully nothing else in the area of either site that I need timing. I’m sure that will change soon.

I know my Micros are OK because I have a 2.4AP running at each site as well with no issues. Tried all ports on the CMM-Micros with both AP’s and no change. The 2.4 OK the 900 no sync.

My 3rd site is running off a CMM2 and no issues.

The sync pulse is a very small voltage - it would not take much interference to interrupt it.

Try re-terminating the existing connectors

What does the 900 spectrum look like in that area? Did you use shielded Cat5 and connectors?

The spectrum analysis is clean but I am not using shielded cat 5e. Remeber I have two other devices at the same site and they receive sync on their power port just fine.

I’d re-terminate everything