900 canopy on a real spectrum analyzer

when I look at a 900 AP on my Motorola Service Monitor Spectrum analyzer, I see spikes about every 800kc to a meg with nothihng in between. As I narrow the sweep from a 10meg to 1meg window, the spikes don’t move apart. I don’t understand what I’m seeing. The spikes do decrease in power level in a bell shaped curve out about 5meg either side of what the radio says is the center freq. I also don’t read any power on the dbm scale of my service monitor. I’m confused- probably stuck in the old two way days.

I just got my 900 Mhz demo kit in and I see the same thing. These are spread-spectrum radios so all we see are the tx packets accross the band. Our conventional service monitors are not fast enough to measure the tx power from the radios. The best I could do was set my monitor for peak hold and it “drew” the waveform of the Canopy band in use. It looks pretty dang symmetric. If you had a spectrum ananlyzer for spread spectrum you would see the enitre bandwidth in a smooth curve.

Just my 2 cents.