900 help

I am having problems with my ISP and my connection. Early morning and most of the day it works fine. Around 3 or 4 in the afternoon i start loosing internet. I installed ping plotter on my laptop and it shows just what the internet is doing. During the day good pings under 100 with accasionaly high ping. But as the day goes pings increase. Then i start getting ERR under the Current Ping list. My first hop is IP is my Linksys wrt330n wireless gaming router.
1st queston is what is the next IP ? 10.10.x.x When the internet goes out for any length of time, what i am calling 1 or 2 minutes or more this is where i get the start of the Current Ping error. and all the ones below that get the same error. my router will stay with a current ping of 0 to 1. Like i said this mostly starts happening around 3 or 4 in the afternoon until late night around 11 or 12. Some nights its worse than others.
2nd what could be causing this and is there any way i can fix it on my end. My ISP says "There’s very little I can do about atmospheric interference that comes at night like this except reboot the radio and try to find a better frequency that has less interference " at first i thought maybe so, but why did this all of a suden get worse the last 2 months and its starting earlier.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Sounds like interference and you need to reach out to your ISP for help. They can possibly install a higher gain antenna. Snooping around on and trying to figure out their network is a bad idea at best, illegal at worst.

It doesn’t sound like they’re using canopy. In any case this is mostly an operators forum. Talk to your ISP.

Look up OSI, Layer 2, and you will see why Ping Plotter and similar tools in the hands of an end user are for the most part, useless.

Im not insulting you or trying to degrade you for looking into your problem. It would be like me (a non gearheard) going to my mechanic and saying that since my car makes a sound in the rear end that my transaxle is going out. I dont know what a transaxle is and I dont actually know where the sound is originating.

I have twice now, with complete reservation, given ping plotter to users, but I didnt tell them why, and asked that they only run it when I requested it.

but as far as your original question goes, without knowing what the gear their using is or their netowrk topology. You have a good connection from your PC to the LAN interface of your router. before you go telling them they have an interference issue, log into your router and look at the status of the WAN side to see if its dropping out, this could very well be your WAN interface freaking out. You need to make sure the power circuit your PC and radio and router are plugged into have a true mechanical ground at the receptacle, not a two prong adapter or old tube and knob just wired up to a 3 prong outled witht he ground left bare, it needs to bee good 12 or 14/2 with copper ground that runs all the way to a good ground. Any device connected to your router needs to share a common ground (im not a grounding expert, ask someone who is to know how to ensure that)

After youve taken care of your responsibility, contact your ISP.