900 jammers

hi group got a email from a former employee of a rival comapny and he told me that they are using some kind of jamers around all of our sites and one got any ideas on wether this is possible and if so how to combat it

Turn off all of your AP’s and switch them to SM one at a time. Run the spectrum analyzer and screen-shot the pages. If there is interference it will probably peg all the way to the right.

Next isolate the source. You need an SM and a Yagi and a map to triangulate the source. Once you find it, take pictures.

Next write a letter to the president of the company informing him that you are aware of intentional interference and to cease and desist - include the pictures and screenshots. Inform him that the next letter will be to the FCC and/or your attorneys.

i think someone is doing the same thing to me but only for about 3mins at a time not long anuff for me to do anything about it…did you ever find the jammer?? and if you did can you send me a screen shot?

we have had issues with rural Co-Op facilities. in kansas there is a farmers network that runs on a 900mhz frequency hopping system. fortunately we are more important to the towers we are on & the owners made them leave… it could be something like that if you are noticing it every few minutes…

we’ve also seen intermittent problems on paging towers in the higher end of the 900mhz spectrum… we’ve bumped our freqs down to the highest we use across the board at 922 to try & help alleviate our problems from 930+