900 Limited AP?

I saw something about this in the release notes for 9.5 but cant find them for sale anywhere. Does anybody know anything about whether or not they actually do or will be produced?


no such animal

Then why would they put this in the release notes for 9.5? Bottom of page 7 on the PDF

900-MHz Limited AP : 900-MHz Limited AP supports up to 10 SMs. A Limited AP can be
upgraded to an Advantage AP via an orderable license key.

Interesting confusion of terminology there, Moto, Thanks!

I had always though non-Advantage meant the speed was limited.

The Limited 900 AP is actually a bundle pack which includes 1 AP and 10 SMs. The AP has a 10 SM restriction on it, but the restriction can be removed with a license upgrade if you require the AP to support more than 11+ SMs.

So the AP cannot be bought separately? That sucks bigtime.

As far as I can tell, it can only be purchased with the 10 SMs.