900 lost

I have an small network deployed in a subdivision, it has been running for about 1 1/2 years with no issues. here is the layout:

Clubhouse CMM, AP1, BH1
Gates 1-5 SM
Gate 6 AP2,BH2
Gates 7-10 SM

CMM connected to AP1 and BH1
BH1 to BH2
BH2 connected to AP2

then we had SM10 fail replaced it and the connection was not solid at all. Then we lost ALL the SMs on AP2, 2 days later lost all the SMs on AP1 now all that i see is AP1, AP2, BH1, BH2.

we are running the latest software all external yagis and flat panels, horizontal pol. X2=off . only 1 freq selected on the SMs.

remember that this was full operational and in a matter of 2 days the entire network was down.

any ideas at all are welcome as this is about to turn ugly for me.


Have you check spectrum for interference? When you say lost sm, is it broke or just will not register to the ap?

I can imagine several possible causes, but to diagnose I would start with the basics.

1) Verify that BH1 and both AP are receiving sync from the CMM
2) Convert both AP into SM and perform a spectrum analysis
3) Use a test SM to verify AP functionality
- Does the SM see the AP (AP eval & spectrum screens)?
- Can you register using a new SM standing with clear LOS 20’ feet away?

Call Moto tech support so they can talk you through troubleshooting. The user forum is not the best way to get urgent help.

With that said,
I would look at the GPS sync from the CMM. If AP1 or BH1 are not getting sync, start there.

I would change freq’s on AP1, then AP2 and see if any of the SM’s come back.

Side note: I will assume that you were passing the sync from BH2 to AP2 via the RJ11 port with AP2 set to “Sync to Received Signal (Timing Port)”. If not, you should even though everything was running fine, just to keep it all sync’d up.

thanks for the quick replies we are going through each one of them right now … (thank god for aircards) we have the AP2 section up and running and have turned off all SMs that talk to AP1 and noticed that we are getting slammed at 923 so we are moving to 908 and we will see what happens then, we are looking further into the gps sync as that my be an issue, i dont think we are passing it on BH2-AP2

thanks again guys

Did you try turning off the replacement SM10?
Just seemed to be the only thing that really changed…