900 MHz 18 dBi Parabolic Grid Antenna

Has anybody had any experience with the HyperLinkTech 18dBi grid antenna (http://www.hyperlinktech.com/web/hg918g.php)? It looks like quite the piece of equipment…

Electrical Specifications
Frequency: 890 - 960 MHz
Gain: 18 dBi
Horizontal Beam Width: 16.5°
Vertical Beam Width: 16.5°
Front to Back Ratio: > 30 dB
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Max Power: 100 Watts
VSWR: < 1.5:1 avg.
Lightning Protection: DC Short

Mechanical Specifications
Weight: 32 lbs. (14.5 kg)
Dimensions: 47.2" Dia. (1.2 m)

Mounting: 1.5" (38mm) to 3" (76mm) dia. mast

The pricing on it is death for a WISP providing residential services. But it looks like a nice piece of kit.

I have not tried the 18dbi but i just ordered a 15 dbi dish from
electo-comm priced much more reasonable. I will post more after we try it out.


instead of the huge dish, why not go for the 17dbi yagis?
it’s only 1dbi less, yet much cheaper and easier to mount. I’d say
both those points make up very well for the 1dbi less.

The rejection of the dish will be better than the yagi. In a situation where the link is marginal, or in a noisy RF enviroment, the dish would provide better performance.

Same idea as using a yagi over a 12dB panel antenna.