900 mhz AP antennas

I know this has been asked before, but I have found no reference to brand/models. I’ve seen comments on gain and beamwidth but that’s about it. We are new to 900 mhz canopy and we are looking for the perfect 90 degree sector. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Have not used them, but I really don’t think you would be making a mistake going with MTI Wireless Edge.

Thanks. I saw their website and I have been trying to get them from Tessco which is our main distributor. They have very good products.

Since I’m at it, I’ll tell you Jerry I was the one who called you yesterday. I just wanted to apologize, I didn’t mean to interrupt in such a critical moment. I’m the one in charge of troubleshooting when something happens and I know what is like getting calls in the middle of it. But so I don’t do it again, I’ll write you thru this forum.

The reason I was calling is to get some first hand reference on the 900 mhz system. We operate on 5.7 only and we have no experience with the 900. The reason I made the call instead of writing is there is a certain urgency on getting a 900 mhz to work properly the first time.

Here is the story. We have three towers where we operate with a 700 mhz licensed system from a company called Vcom (now known as vecima networks). Some time ago we received a letter from a company called Qualcomm, letting us know that they were getting ready to fire up a 50 Kw transmitter on channel 55 (we operate on 54) and that they were required by the FCC to notify us. Don’t ask me why we didn’t do anything about it before, that is a questions for the managers. Last Wednesday, right around 5:00 PM Central time, they fired up their transmitter just up to 15 Kw (off course we didn’t know this until later) and knocked out just over 400 customers offline… for 36 hours…

Given the design of the system and the fact that it comes from Canada ( takes a few days to get the stuff), there was nothing we could really do to fix it other than contacting this (nationwide) company. After we went thru the whole chain of command (took 36 hours), they shut off their transmitter and all went back to normal. End of the story is: they shut it off to give us time to prepare and we have until 3/9 to get our s$#&#! together and be ready for another 15 Kw (or may be even the full 50 Kw) hit.

So that’s why I wanted to contact you and see if you had any suggestions for me as far as antennas, gain, interference goes.

What we love about 900 Mhz: Range, NLOS features comparable to our current 700 Mhz

What we are concerned about the 900 Mhz: Bandwidth, limited channels (just 3), where interference can come from (cordless phones, babymonitors)

I’m sorry once again for interrupting but as you see our time is limited and after having 400 customers down for 36 hours we only have one chance to do it right. I just need some orientation and any help you can provide would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance


Also, I see the connectorized SMs have N-female connectors and so do the MTI antennas. Do you make your own jumpers or do you buy them? what is good, cheap source for them?

Thank you

While I have a good handle on the 900 product, I am not in a position to make any recommendations to you. I know nothing of the terrain, current RF environment, customer BW requirements, etc.

You need to work with Motorola on this due to the urgency, and the requirement to make sure that the 900 product will work in the proximity of a 50kw transmitter. There is no better source than the manufacturer.

With that said…
- We use the Integrated AP’s and get anywhere from 1500k to 3000k depending on distance and RF noise level in the area.
- SM Antennas vary from Integrated SM’s to connectorized with 18dB Yagi’s
- The connector on the SM and AP is Male.

Good luck!

I need to spell it because english is not me first language… A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Thank you very much. Although you may think is not much, you have just lit our way. I can handle the rest myself, I just needed a little reference. How can I ever pay you?

Thank you


Send money…

Just kidding. Glad to help.

There are 4 MTI Wireless Edge 90degree 900Mhz Horizontal Antennas in our shop waiting to be deployed. We have used both their Omni and 180degree products and are very happy with them. Great performance. The 900Mhz Connectorized AP connects directly to the MTI antennas.

So the APs come with a jumper cable? Moto’s web site says the AP connector is N-female, and so do the MTI yagis. I just ordered 100 connectorized, 100 yagis and 100 3 ft. jumper cables with N-male on both ends.

The AP and SM have N Male connectors on 12" pigtails that come out the bottom of the radio.

Antennas come with N-F connectors. As you can see from this image, the radio is directly connected to the antenna with no jumper: http://motorola.canopywireless.com/prod … 001APC.jpg

The jumpers can go back.