900 MHz epmp or 450 ????

We desperately need something to replace the pmp100 series 900!!! I love the old gear, works wonderful and we still have hundreds of subscribers using it . butttt its getting hard to not loose those sub’s to satalite !

White space sounda nice too, even if 6 MHz channel size and 100 MW is the limits, I’d buy plenty.

Yes, I am ready for faster 900mhz also! Come on, even a dual polarity system would get us more throughput!

I'd like to see a PMP450 product on 900MHz too, but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if it never comes to pass. 900MHz is considered a garbage band, and 2.4GHz is right behind it. At least with 2.4GHz you have much more bandwidth to choose from, and arguably tighter FCC oversight. I tried out some WaveIP and LigoWave 900MHz OFDM gear back in the day and both of them had severe stability issues compared to PMP100. I believe both companies have since abandoned these product lines for 900. Don't get me started on UBNT 900mhz... barf. The main problem was stability. Sure yeah, you could occasionally get 3-4x bandwidth of PMP100, but in most places we tested, on a regular basis, modulation would just drop like a rock because of SCADA and other bursty-high-power operators (farmers and the railway) abusing the spectrum. The noise floor in most places is typically so high that you cannot get the SnR to achieve the complex modulation rates needed for any bandwidth gains over PMP100's FSK 1-2X, where you only need an SnR of what... like 3-4dB?

What I think would be interesting is if Cambium reprogrammed the FPGA on their PMP450, and removed the base level QPSK modulation and replaced it with FSK1/2X. That would give them backwards compatibility with the older radios and then you could swap out with newer 900MHz units that supported 16/64/256-QAM. So in your current deployment, worse case scenario you'd at least be no better off then when you started, maybe a bit better due to extra resources of PMP450, extra PPS, etc... but assuming you had a decent noise floor, you'd see additional gains because of mimo-A/B and QAM modulation... anyway... just my two cents...

PS... I've said this before in other posts... the world does not need any more down-converted 2.4->900MHz WiFi based garbage!!! If you do make this, it needs to be done right... ala PMP450 FPGA lovin'

unfortunaly the shift key and OFDM won't mix, they've tried.  We've used the UBNT 900 mhz gear before limitedly (i hate to even admit that we toyed with it) and it worked ok, wasn't impressed but i'd be happy with anything snyced and X pol to deal with some of the noise, the EPMP 2.4 works much much better then the areas we've used UBNT to pickup small 1 of shots here and there. the 450 MAC is worth the extra cash though.

I definitely agree.  We've still got about 900 clients on PMP100 900mhz, 30% we could (geographically) get on other bands. (already too many on PMP320, upcoming migration to PMP450-365 will help)

Something stable we could deploy ABAB if necessary to achieve the FCC's supposed upcoming definition of broadband at 10mbps?

With current video streaming habits we've already reached the point where we can only support 3-10 clients per AP on 900.  If we can't find something much more capacious with similar propogation characteristics to PMP100 900mhz we're looking at needing to double tower density to stay in business.