900 MHz hardware scheduling

Based on the Product Alert that was posted yesterday, I switched all of my 900 MHz APs to software scheduling. This solved all of my problems with dropped connections and upset customers.

I trust there will be a firmware upgrade in the near future?

Where did you see a product alert?

Knowledge base.

Thanks for posting this. I have been trying to fix these problems for several months. With leaves coming out in the north east the issues seemed to be getting worse.I had almost given up on the 900 MHz Canopy. After going to software scheduling last night my subscriber mod. problems seem to have disappeared.

I hope that Motorola is working on fixing the problem so we can get back the throughput benefits of hardware scheduling.

Thanks again,

Bob Nassar

Well, I made the switch yesterday. 18 hours later and not a single re-reg. Running hardware, my 900 SMs would have over 20 by now.

I just have a couple of questions for Moto… When are we going to get a solution instead of a workaround? What caused this in the first place?

The throughput and latency benefits of hardware sched is enough that i’m anxiously waiting for it to get “un-broken.”

Hopefully our customers will stop throwing fits now.

We are focusing a lot of attention on this fix. It is not being ignored and it has much visibility within our engineering organization. At this time we have a work around available.

I know you would like to see a more in depth answer but at this time I can assure you that our engineering staff is working diligently to conclude this issue.

It is beneficial for you to call our support line and let us know that you are having this problem. Everyone at our call center has been briefed on the issue and they are collecting information on customers having the issue.

This will help us understand how widespread the issue is.

Canopy Support:

Thanks for that reply! I am looking forward to a solution to this, since my customers are chomping at the bit for more bandwidth… I’d love to give it to them with hardware scheduling, but with so many re-regs, it’s just not feasible the way things are right now.

Thanks for your diligence!

I’m glad I’m not the only one having HWS problems with the 900 stuff. When I turn HWS on my SMs register just long enough to see in on the AP then they’re gone - repeat over and over. Is anyone still running VOIP with SWS on?


Re-reading my post from last week, I was much harsher towards Moto then I should have been.

I am very pleased with the support I have recieved from Motorola itself and this community.

I know the Moto exgineers are working hard on fixing HWS on the 900s. I guess its just hard for me to hear “Sit tight and we’ll fix it as soon as we can.”

Just an experiment:

I took a 900 Advantage AP and Non-Adv. SM into a screen room (super clean RF environment). Both running 7.0.7. Back to back RF with 90 db of attentuation. When in SWS, the system runs perfectly, not problems, high speed. Turn on HWS in each radio and the link dies - unusable. I can watch both radios and see the SM try to sync up. If it ever makes sync it loses it immediately. 65 registration attempts in about 2 minutes. No reregs because it never gets a chance to register after sync.

I will try this again when the fix is available.

Perhaps there was WAY too much hype about HWS and the 900 MHz product on itial rollout of 6.1 and not enough testing. I wonder how this was missed. My 2c.


I’m having very similar problems with 5.7 HWS and 2.4 HWS. re-reg counts are very high.

Does anyone know if the HWS fix will be strictly for 900MHz or for all HWS platforms?

My worst count with 2.4 is 4 days uptime, -72 dbm, and 4 reregs. Not too bad I think. Don’t have any 5.7 running HWS.



Having problems with the 2.4 and HWS! Son of a …!!! Not to the extreme that I see on the 900 stuff but it is there. Went back to SWS and no re-regs in 24 hours.

Come on Motorola - find us fix on this one…


acherman wrote:

Having problems with the 2.4 and HWS! Son of a ...!!! Not to the extreme that I see on the 900 stuff but it is there. Went back to SWS and no re-regs in 24 hours.

Come on Motorola - find us fix on this one...


thank you!

no offense to Motorola tech support, but they they are in denial - I'm having high re-reg problems with 2.4 in HWS. our AP's are connectorized (by FDDI), and some tech at motorola told me that it's either because of interference (which is unlikely, since these problems do not crop up in SWS), or the AP does not have enough power to transmit with a 16dBi gain atenna (another bunch of crap, since the AP is just a few feet away from the CMM putting out 24 volts, shielded cable, etc....).

we also have a 5.7 with slightly different problems - in HWS, the RF side gets stupid once in a while, and I have to force the SMs to re-reg). again, Motorola claims that they have not ever heard of anyone having that problem. so, another dead end for us. we switched the 5.7 in SWS earlier today, and not a single problem so far. rock solid. and slower :-(

We have spent quite a bit extra to get the advantage gear, and so far it's been rather disappointing.

so, motorola techs - tell the marketing department to shut up, and fix the software! :-)

I am going to start a formal trouble ticket with tech support tomorrow. They like to see things like screen shots of configs, stats and such.

The more of us that report this problem the better. Until it is recognized as an issue by them at least. Then we just have sit and wait for a fix.

We’re in the same boat as far as fronting the extra cash for Adv. gear. Just ordered a sh!t load more this morning (no Adv. SM’s yet).


I couldn’t wait - sent them a nice long email right now.


we had moved most all of our cutomers off of 900 due to the re reg problems support had no answers for the last few months. I have never gotten a worthwhile answer from support… just generic try this and that and "we have never seen that problem before"

I get the most info in the forums from the prople who are out there doing this stuff it makes me feel a lot less alone than talking to moto support
I have been a moto 2 way guy since 1966 when “a” model motracs were the hottest thing around. this internet stuff has bugs like we have never seen before… makes me long for a motrac or a micor to work on.

Just another “yes we are seeing these problems” from Kingston Online.

Off topic:

I miss the micor’s too. Bullet proof. I find the new CM series stuff to be flakey as well. although I did drop an HT1000 200 feet from a tower last month and other than breaking the tabs off the battery it was fine - a little grass and mud in the speaker grill.

Networking stuff does have it’s issues. Tech support guys don’t have any real world experience with this stuff. They just read through their manual (I’ve told them what page to be on sometimes) and their troubleshooting steps layed out for them by the engineers. It’s surprising how much equipment is put into production before complete testing is done (not just Motorola, many others I’ve seen over the years).


Has Moto admitted HWS flaws in non-900 frequencies to anyone? The KB article is still only making reference to 900MHz units.

If this is an inherent flaw in Hardware Scheduling and not just a “little bug” in the 900 MHz implementation, then this could be a much bigger issue then any of us thought.

The worst part of it for me, is that all I can do is wait and see.