900 Mhz high session counts.

Dear Folks,

We are a small ISP in upstate Ithaca, NY, trying to bring high speed to bears
and cayotes of the rural surroundings.

We have various 5.7 backbones to silos, towers, feed shoots etc that can see
limited areas around them. The 5.7 links are line of sight and work well.

At each site there is a single 900MHz Canopy usually with a huge omni, and residents
are connected to it via KP Perfornmance panels.

Almost everyone is shooting through trees of some kind or another, although
some have almost perfect direct line of site, maybe one tree or just a few branches etc.

DB’s are in the -40 to -70 range, spectrum analysis from the AP shows completely
clear, nada, squat, zip, rien.

None the less some customers suffer enormous session counting, sometimes it stops
and works fine for days, then just takes up again for ‘no reason’.

Sometimes changing channels on the AP works, sometimes it doesn’t, the game
is getting tiring and the customers are annoyed. Its hard to proceed with offering service when I almost never know if it is going to work or not.

Most annoying are the customers who have almost direct line of site but can’t
stay connected anyhow. Most of these connections are in the 1000 to 2000 feet range.

I am not very bright when it comes to radios, what should I be looking for or trying?

Can filters on the SM’s fix this?

You can view some of our stats at http://www.lightlink.com -> SYSTEM AREA -> AP SNRS AND BANDWIDTH -> 201205 -> trask900m0 -> sobersm -> AP. The X’s are session counts, the rest are rssi and jitter. Frequency is on far right. Radios are running 11.2, but I have downgraded the AP’s to 10.5 to no avail.

Thanks in advance.

Homer W Smith
CEO Lightlink Internet

I have to admin I’m having some difficulty understanding the page you’re referencing ( http://gem.lightlink.com/cgi/chap.cgi?9 … 03e9535d8& ) Is this a value for the AP itself plotted? Or for individual SMs?

What you’re describing to me sounds like typical interference and other issues that pop up once an area or AP gets populated enough. An omni with clients ranging from -40 to -70 is a recipe for disaster. Actually even a sectorized AP with a spread that great is bad. You really should get those -40 clients turned way down, they are running very hot for the AP, reducing its RX sensitivity for further clients, and causing great amounts of jitter.

How many clients do you have on this AP? Are any running in 2X? Do you have a spectrum plan? Have you considered a sectorized deployment?