900 mhz power level drop.

I noticed yesterday that all of the subscribers on one of our 900Mhz integrated APs had taken a big power level drop, both from the AP and the SM side. Its very consistent, everybody on the access point seems to have lost about 10db, most customers are hanging out between -80 and -83db. I would just go swap out the AP with a new one and see if it makes a difference, but its not quite that simple… Anybody got any other ideas before we send somebody up the tower?

i’m interested to see what you found out?

part of the RF system in the AP burned up, or if its conectorized you may have a damaged jumper… unfortunally i’ve got a pile of APs and SMs that are like that :frowning: more than 10 db in most cases

mgthump, I was wondering if that was the situation. I guess somebody may be headed up the tower. I’ll let you know what we find out. It is an integrated AP, btw.