900 Mhz Trial Kit

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on my startup process here. We are developing our business plan for our WISP startup and we have already done some bulk mail saturation mailings.

We now need to test the system to ensure we can do this, then we’ll be going to the bank with all of our interested customers and the test results in hand.

I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas on buying or renting the trial kit. For me, 2500 is still alot of money to spend on a test kit, especially if it doesn’t work in our area, then we have equipment that we can’t even use. Does any one know of any other options other than to purchase the test kit, or is that the only way to find out if its going to work.

I would suggest contacting a distributor or reseller to see what programs they may offer. You can find a contact by visiting