900 MHz Upload Slower than expected

I have noticed that on my 9000’s (Integrated 900Meg) that the upload speed seems to cap out at about 400k.

Anyone else notice this?

Jerry Richardson
airCloud Communications

yes about the same

mine runs consistantly at 1 meg

what do you have your maximum range set to I have done some tests with an sm that is 3.5 miles away. with max range set to 5 miles my downlink is 1.5. with max range set to 120 miles it cuts it into half. setting the ap higher tells the ap to have a slightly longer changeover time between switching from tx to rx to accomodate longer air delay reducing throughput. it is not a power level setting.

FYI…When you add unnecessary distance on the configuration page you take up control slots. If you set your AP to 1-14 miles you use 1 control slot and when you change it to 15 you lose another. Set the AP’s only out to your furthest customer. Setting it any farther will unnecessarily take up bandwidth like the last user posted.

more info on your problem. What is your downlink data % set at? To begin with all you can ever expect to get on a 900 is 1.5 meg. If I set my ap at 80% I get 1.5 down and 380k up at 50% i get 1 meg down and 1 meg up play with the settings and set it where you get the best results for what you are using it for I run mine at 80% because I don’t upload as mutch as i download. and don’t forget about the max range setting i posted before.

Don’t forget to ensure you are running the new 6.1 firmware & hardware scheduling = extra bandwidth

On a 5.7 non-advantage system, I found that setting the Max Range config to the farthest customer decreased all SM downlink % in a link test by 5-7 percent. When the max range was set to 15 miles, all link tests showed 100%. When I changed the Max Range to 7 miles, ALL link tests went to about 93-95%. The only Max Ranges that gave me 100% link tests on all SMs were 14 and 15 miles.