900 mhz

i currently use 5.2 and 5.7 for my network. Im covering a trailer park with 900 mhz and I was wondering which equipment you would recommend.

the AP will be no further then 3/4 miles from the furthest customer. light trees and no hills. would the connectorized equipment work fine? would i need after market antennas?



I’m not giving you a recommendation, but merely just my thoughts/ideas.

If your furthest is <3/4mi, connectorized would IMO be a good choice which would allow for smaller antenna connections etc. Obviously, you need an arm bracket and antenna if you get connectorized SMs.

Although, you can turn down the output power of the integrated, so that’s something to weigh against the connectorized option.

What are you using for the AP?

I have 6pack on top of my 200’ tower, servicing areas with trees and minor hills. I typically use connectorized SMs when I’m more than 5mi from the tower and looking through trees, etc.


I’d like to learn a little more about 5.2 and 5.7. I don’t have any experience with it and I’d like to get some test gear. I am thinking of deploying 5.2/5.7 in smaller areas instead of 900. Can you tell me some things about those 2 freq. with motorola gear? If I do go with 5.2/5.7 it will be the Advantage platform for both APs and SMs.

I’m interested in distance, hardware, interference, trees, etc. I see that you primarily use 5.2/5.7 whereas my network is comprised of 2.4FHSS/900.

Im sorry i was thinking about non connectorized equipment with the built in antenna.

5.2/5.7 = crap through trees. its not even an option. only install this equipment in a location that will have no trees. the cost is good, i just got a great deal on some equipment from ezlinx.net

I have never had an interference problem with my 5.2 and 5.7. I have done some silly things with self interference but it still has never really been a major problem.

i have not had a chance to get into the advantage equipment im sure jerry would be a much better resource for that.

I’d go connectorized and standardize on that as they allow flexibility.

At the distances you are talking I’d go 900AP with 8dBi V-Pol Omni (lower cost antenna).

For SM’s use 9dBi yagis.