900 on sale half price

I saw an AD on FB today where Cambium is giving a 50% discount on 900MHz APs. I have a UBNT 2.4 sector serving a small town that is full of trees. This sector can't really push more than 25Mbps during the busy hour.

Would the Cambium 900 be a good candidate to upgrade this sector?

All customers are within 1 mile of the site but in the trees. 2.4 is on a 10MHz channel.  Thanks

We replaced all our UBNT gear except for our air fiber backhauls. To cambium. Much better product over all. Customers are much happier. My installers are happier to. Better quality product easy to put together. And handles Harsh environments much better then the ubnt gear. I still have some old canopy 900 gear around but have been putting up 450I stuff and its been working good. The odd inference issues coming from my old 900 omnis. But thats my problem. ITs 50% off right now so i would take advantage of the promo. 

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We are in the process of replacing all our UBNT 900 and some 2.4 with the Cambium gear. Way better performance, but we were never able to get 25mb out of ubnt 2.4 or 900. 

One example, we had a UBNT 900 sector that would max out about 7-10mb at night. When we upgraded to Cambium and switch all the customers over, it is hitting 30mb each evening. This is in 7mhz channel width. Channel isolation is WAY better then UBNT. We could never run 2 sectors side by side before, but we can now with PMP450i. 

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Which distributor / what market ?

@maglito wrote:

Which distributor / what market ?

From what I've read, this promotion is only available for North American operators.

Discount should be good for any "authorized" vendor (can't think of a better word).

I checked price today at baltic and it was half.

Promotion notice was only sent out to North American Distributors. So any NA disty can honor the half off price..