900 output power


Isn’t the max EIRP for 900 ISM 36dBm? So with the 17dBi M2 yagi (leaving out a little cable loss) you can only set the radio to a max of 19dBm?

Said another way, with the max output power of 28dBm in the radio, you can only attach an antenna with a max gain of 8dBi.

Am I missing something here? Do I have the proper # for EIRP in the US?


in 8.2.7 weve seen that they only go up to 26 when set to US

You are correct. 36dBm EIRP for multipoint or point to point. Makes no difference.

In order to be in compliance with the FCC regulations, you must reduce Tx power to maintain a 36dB EIRP.

How well these regulations are followed varies wildly.