900 reg difficult, link test poor

The connectorized 900 sm w/12dbi yagi has great signal strength but has major difficulty registering. DES is turned off. I’ve changed channels trying to eliminate possibility of interference. This does not help. When it finally does register the pages are very slow and link test won’t work. Last night the SM was working great but today it is back to bad again. Maybe Canopy support can get in on this one?

take screen shots of the ap and sm config screens, put them on a server and post the links to them here

Jerry, I read some of your previous advice and turned down some of my closer clients. This didn’t seem to help. Next I removed all but the frequency I am using. This seemed to help dramatically. My customer stays registered most of the time but still has poorer uplink tests during the day. I’ll be going back again to try some different antennas and heights with only the applicable frequency. Any other thoughts?

take screen shots of the ap and sm config screens, put them on a server and post the links to them here

Here you go…http://www.skvelocity.ca/images/ap.jpg


can you get a shot of the ap config screen?

The first link is a shot of the AP config and the second is the SM.

Sorry, the first one didn’t show up as a link.

This all looks good.

The only thing I think I would change is reduce the range from 45 miles to 30 or even 20 miles. On the SM, disable the 100M Link Negotiation options.

Have you looked at the SM Spectrum Analysis Page to see what the noise looks like at 911MHz?

What antenna are you using?
What is the distance.
what is the elevation of the SM and the AP?
Is there LOS or is there foliage?

I recently tried removing all but the applicable frequencies and my customer stays connected alot better but has poor uplink. I’ll try different antennas and heights this afternoon to resolve. My largest issue now is poor uplink-about 40 to 50%. I’m sure this is why he is re-registering. At night he works awesome.

1. I have read on the forum that doubling the max range will improve performance with hardware scheduling. You’ve found this is not the case?

2. Why does Canopy have trouble negotiating at 100M? I made the change anyway but it did not seem to help.

3. 911 seems to be the cleanest range in the Spectrum analysis page.

4. We are using Cushcraft PC906N.

5. The distance is 11 miles. We have customers 15 miles away but this customer is down bit in elevation. The AP is at 1800ft. The customer is at 1550ft. There is small hill about 200 yards in the distance.

6. I have good LOS with no foliage.

Thanks for your time working on this with me!

The antenna is your problem.

You have a 6dB Yagi antenna. Order up a 13dB yagi. Cushcraft makes one.

Lowering the make range reduces the time the AP will wait but you don’t need to do that.

It’s not Canopy, it’s the crappy NIC’s in the crappy routers and crappy PC’s.

I don’t know what speed you have sold to this client but if you do not need 2x mode turn it off in the SM, it will make a big difference. Everything gets better on a poor link.