900 SM

I have one AP with 3 SM’s, I can see all three in the sessions page, I can hit 2 of them through LUID but one I cannot. Always the same SM. Also at the same tower I have a CMM micro that I can hit from my C.O. but not the AP, there’s only one AP at that site, that’s the same AP int the first problem.

check the second ip address it should be default and end in 1 if it doesn’t the luid function probably won’t work.

The SM’s IP address is used for access locally through the SM’s Ethernet port, or remotely from a host on the other side of the AP through either the AP’s Ethernet port or from a host connected through another SM.

The AP’s “RF Private” network address (default is is only used when you telnet to the AP, and then telnet to a registered SM using the combination of private network and the SM’s LUID (169.254.101.LUID).

If you’re trying to connect to the SM using the “LUID Select” option, but you can’t reach an SM, you have a different problem. Does the “Sessions” page show the SM as “Registered” or “Idle”?