900 SMs stalling

I have an issue with some of the 900sms I have deployed in the field , for some reason when they are turned off and turned back on the next day they display no ethernet link even though they are connected so I have to suggest to the customer power cycle the SM inorder for it to work again or I do it through the AP either way , this seems to a common issue amongst the 900s that I have so if anyone could offer some assistance or referrence as to why this is happening or if this has also happened to you? I would greatly appreciate it.

Check your firmware versions. Least problems will be had when using 7.3.6 and 8.2.2, in that order. Version 8 has some nasty DHCP bugs, most of which are squashed in 8.2.2. P10 hardware will be coming with v8 of some flavor on it, and can’t be downgraded to v7.

I’d guess you’re running or 8.2 from your description.

I found that having to power cycle a radio is an indication of a cable problem. I’d double check the cables with a decent test and also set all SM’s to 10M-HD and 10M-FX. Don’t run them at 100M…there’s really no need.

I am running version 7.3.6 to …hmm so these versions have issues…and for the cables the installers have double checked them twice over. Other then the info mentioned above is there anything else that could cause theses things to act up like they do?

7.3.6 is stable. all flavors of 8.1.x have Ethernet problems.

Downgrade to 7.3.6 or upgrade to 8.2.2

Are you using NAT on the SM’s?
Are the SM’s assigned Private or Public IP’s?

everythings pretty much set to default on installation , it is only for certain customers that we assign the SM an IP for monitoring purposes only .

Are you using 300SS’s? I’ve seen these cause this problem.

what is 330SS’s ?

Motorola Surge Protector:

Here’s a good picture and description.

I’ve also experienced the same problems with these newer 900MHZ SM’s not being able to register successfully to the AP’s. What are the most stable SW versions proven on 900 SM’s and AP’s? We currently don’t install SM’s with Motorola Surge Protector’s at the moment. Would doing that stabilize the SM?

7.3.6 is by far the most stable. If you’re ordering new radios now you won’t be able to use anything prior to version 8. In that unfortunate case, you should use 8.2.2 and keep you eyes peeled for the next rev.

And no, adding the 300SS does nothing to stabilize the radio, it sits between the radio and the customer’s equipment and does it’s level best to prevent surges due to say a close lightning strike getting in to the customer equipment.

I have experienced those surge protectors going bad sometimes , they will completely cut off the connection to the AP even though there wasn’t any bad weather what so ever so I had to replace a couple in the past year so I would recommend changing them every 2yrs.

In reference to the 300SS and it’s performance, see this post that I just put up with pictures of a lightning strike directly on a radio.

They certainly don’t improve performance of the radios, but I would hate to see what might have happened to the client’s computer had there been no surge protection in place.