900 tower expansion

Hello all, I have a tower with 3 900APs on it with 3 120 antenna. I am running about 130 users on it, which I understand may be about maximum on it?

So,…to expand this tower easily, I have thought of doing this:

install 3 integrated 900APs directly over the 120s. I know these are 60 degree antennas, so that should give me 30 degrees of channel seperation between the integrated, right?

So, I have my original 3 APs at 120 degrees at 906,915,924
above them I have 3 integrated APs (positioned at 120 apart also), I could run these at 915,924,906.

That would look like this:


Does anyone see any problems with this? I know I could replace my 120s with 6 60’s, but right now I don’t want to overhaul the whole tower.

Anyone see any probs with this?

I am also considering putting 2.4 on this tower, but I have competition using 2.4 omnis all around me. It may still work - I need advice on this also.

Thank you.

It will not work.

Two possible options:
A) Add three more 120deg sectors on the opposite polarity and physically separated by 50’ - will not be an ideal setup regardless
B) Add three 120deg 2.4GHz sectors and migrate very near and LOS customers to it using 900 for NLOS and distant customers. This will increase potential capacity by another 400+ subs and allow you to sell higher speed packages.