900 VS 5.7

Can a Canopy 900MHZ omni antenna mounted right beside a 5.7Ghz Backhaul cause issues with the RF? The BH dish is about 3 feet from the omni and about 8-12 inches below it. Any thoughts or comments would be great. Thank you!

Shouldn’t be an issue.

Are you seeing any problems?

Yea. I am seeing the Stack Dump errors as seen in my other posts… I thought it was because there was another 5.7 in close proximity to my BH… that was moved yesterday but I received all the stack dump errors last night. I am thinking it might have something to do with the 900mhz. I might have to schedule some maintenance hours to see if it is the 900MHZ omni causing the issue.

if you are running 9.3 on the bh and having those stack dump errors. try downgrading to 9.0 and see if the problem dissappears. could be an unknown glitch

Been running 900, 2.4, and 5.7 on the same towers for years with no issues.