900 Web Interface not able to access

I just brough up the signal levels on a 900MHZ “Backhaul” (basically an ap and an SM with yagis). I came from a -77 to a -72. Getting ready to bring up some more this weekend.

Anyway, it seems when I did this I can no longer access the web-interface except if I reboot the units. Then I can access the web-interface for about a day. After that I can’t login. I can telnet and they still pass traffic.

Any thoughts?

Remove the public IP and use a private IP for the radios.

We use a 10.0.x.x/16 scheme for management of the radios.

The problem is the public IP gets hammered with garbage traffic and overloads the web server in the radio - it has a limited amount of memory.

You wail also see improved throughput.

I actually have ONE radio that has that exact same problem. I’m using a 10.128.x.x/10 setup and we have one customer that is privately addressed on the RF interface and it works EXACTLY like he stated.

I can go out to the customers site, log in through the local address but when I go to use the RF interface whether I’m directly plugged in or I’m at my office - it says “Web Page Found, waiting for reply” and then times out. If I reboot it or have them reboot it I can access it for a day or so and then it will just stop. No re-reg, no reboot, nothing. I can also telnet / they can pass traffic.