9000SM -- status page says "vertical" polarization

Why does the status page say "Antenna Polarization : Vertical " when I have it set up as horizontal? Do I need to change this in the SM somewhere? The SM appears to be working properly … jitter low and RSSI high.


What Frequency are you using?

All 2.4, 5.2, 5.4, and 5.7 radios are vertical. This can’t be changed unless you are getting your radios connectorized by a third party.

Even if you are using connectorized SM’s the software will still read as vertical because that is what all MOTO radios are. Except for the 900MHz, if it’s 900 then it will read as connectorized or external.

There’s a bug in in the 900MHz range where it always reads “Vertical” instead of external. This was fixed in 8.2.

A bug … that makes sense. Thanks!

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

You can solder the antenna in horizontal polarization,

Moto announced radios with horizontal, but who knows when it will happen.

Yeah … but I have a connectorized 900Mhz SM — I have a horizontal antenna … so it’s VERY weird that it says vertical polorization since I have it connected horizontal!

We have 900MHz connectorized mostly running 7.2.9 or 7.3.6 and they all report as Vertical in Prizm. Do I have to upgrade to 8.x in order to have an accurate indication?

I am not seeing Antenna Polarization on P9 SMs… Is this a P10 only feature?

New feature with the P10 units.