9000SMC can handle how many MAC addresses?

How many MAC addresses can a 9000SMC handle?

I’m thinking of a scenerio where a 9000SMC is on a building with maybe 10 customers inside getting WISP service. I figure I should be able to use just one 9000SMC on the roof (no need for 10 SMs on the roof). And then just go to a switch, which then goes to a router for each customer.

Of course the router for each customer, has its own MAC address. That would be 10 MAC addresses. Can the 9000-SMC handle 10 MAC addresses? How many can it handle?


The number I’ve seen is 4,096. I’m not aware that this value has changed with newer software versions.

Thank you Teknix:

I wanted to be sure. I ran into a situation with a CPE (provided by a WISP in my town), made by Alvarion, whereby it would only handle one MAC address.

They had to change it out for another Alvarion CPE, but that would only handle 5 MAC addresses.

So since I’m using Canopy, I thought it best for me to ask here, since I could have several routers hooked to the 9000SMC.