900AP Choking

My 900AP’s seem to be choking once I hit around 20 customers.

Hardware platform is P9

Speeds set to 1500k/256k

Does this sound right? Can 20 users saturate a 900AP??

2 Control Slots.

Absolutely, especially if all are in 1x mode which is ~2Mbps aggregate. Do you have other 2.4 or 5.x GHz sectors/omni’s available? If not you may want to consider putting some up if the noise floor and your terrain will allow it.

I’ve got a cluster of 6 up and have 58,64,54,40,15 & 33 customers on 6 AP’s and it works fine, we sell 512 and 768 packages … but yes, I do see slow downs when we get over 50 or so

We tend to see the bigger problems occur once you have appx 50 sm’s on a 900ap just like Mikemews said. Do you allow any allocation for bursting? It kinda all depends if you have some users abusing their service =’