900AP Sector Antenna

I apologize in advance if i missed a post on this.

I’m looking for any opinions or suggestions on 900mhz 120deg sector antenna’s.

Basically what i’m designing is a 3 sector system. Mounted at 273ft on a fixed tower. I’m going to use 3 sector antenna’s and 3 900ap’s I’m using horizontal polarization like i do on my other ap’s. And i needed to know what are the best sectors to use with this type of setup.
So far i’m looking at a Til-Tek TA-926H-4-120.
I would like to be as close as possible to the 36db EIRP with lightning arresters installed. So I’ll have 2db of loss for connectors ( pigtail ends, and radio end, and lightning arrester)

I currently have a 11.5dbi omni from mti wireless edge and have been happy with that.


I’m ordering 6 11dBi HPOL Sector antennas (SuperPass) 900MHz…I tried their 120’ 2.4GHz a few years ago, and they sucked IMHO. Supposedly the 2.4GHz quality had gotten better over the years, but I’m not rolling 2.4 as much as before.

They should be in early next week, hopefully they are worth $300.

I’ve been pretty happy with MTI Wireless Edge’s build and performance.

Thanks everyone i appreciate the responses :slight_smile:

I think i’ll order me some more MTI gear.


Try the 120’s from Last Mile Gear.