900MHz 120 degree HPOL antenna recommendations?

I will be deploying a Canopy 900MHz network using two 120 degree horizontal sectors on a tower that is about 120 feet tall and is in a small, flat rural town in the Midwest with moderate to heavy foliage. I’m hoping that some of you will have some recommendations as to what type (brand/model) of antennas I should use and what their specific advantages may be over other types.

Thank you in advance for your input.


While I have not used the antenna you are specifying, I used a 12dB panel antenna today from MTI Wireless Edge. If the construction of this panel antenna is any indication of the rest of the company products, I would not hesitate to use them.

http://www.mtiwe.com/data%5Cimages%5Cpr … 004nh_v2(2).pdf

i to have use the mti panels and they work really well.
the ones i have running have very little side nodes on them so they are perfect for the down the valley shots.

this thing is really built well but as for 120 deg not so good.

they must have others with a better radiation pattern you will have to check out the web site.


We have had good luck with http://www.superpass.com/SPHDC2T.html

We have several MTI 120’s with no major issues. Their pretty stout. One thing to consider is that a Intigrated 900 Canopy AP has a built in 12.5dbi gain horizontal polerized antenna. This limits your options. MTI has models in vertical and horizontal from 11 to 13.5dbi. Stay with horizontal. The model wtkirk suggests is only a 9dbi gain unit. You will see reduced performance in heave foliage. 3.5db doesn’t sound like much but as a rule 3db will double your output power, or in wtkirk’s case cut your power in half. Final note if you can stay away from omni’s especially in noisy areas or in areas where you get lightning some are not internally grounded to the housing and if you don’t ground them they act like a big capacitor build up a charge and discharge it into the Canopy radio.

Thanks for the info.

Any recommendations on filters?