900MHz 450 AP

I read in the March 2012 blog about the 450 900MHz equipment "The PMP 450 at 900 MHz will be available in 1Q 2013."

Is this still on the same time schedule?

Can any specs on the 900MHz 450 AP be published?

Thank you.

A 900 MHz version of PMP 450 will NOT be availble in 1Q 2013.

We are planning to release a 2.4 GHz variant in that time frame, and future bands are still being considered following that. We don’t have any specs on a 900 MHz product to share right now.

This is EXTREMELY disappointing news, we’ve been waiting anxiously for those APs so we can finally exceed 4mbps on a 900mhz sector…

Time to look at other vendors in the 900mhz band I guess. (if we didn’t already have over 2000 Canopy radios we would have done so already - the prospect of increased sector capacity backward-compatible with the existing radios has held us in thrall)

Even just a fourth non-overlapping channel would help mitigate some of the congestion that’s killing us.


Yep, I am right there with you. Frustrating. I have spent many hours building out my 900mhz network, only to see it is apparently at the end of its life, instead of getting a much-needed AP upgrade…

same boat here, we have about 1k 900 CPEs and bandwidth is a MUST. 4 mbps isn’t cutting it anymore.

we’ve gone as far as using 12 APS on a tower (6V and 6H) not exactly cost effective…the extra cluster increases our towe lease by $300 a month and gets us 40 to 60 more subs… customers are starting to bark at 1.5 meg anymore