900Mhz 450i with UBNT HV Sectors

Has anyone used UBNT HV sectors with the 900Mhz 450i yet?  Results?  I'm stepping down the migration path from PMP100.

Most of my sectors are the 13.5dBi 120* UBNT sectors.  hundreds of them.  We have found them to provide significantly better F/B ratio than the MTI 90* panels.  We run them ABAB.  So our first problem is that cambium only offeres a 60* sector.  I would have to hope that they bleed out to 90* well enough if I were to use them.  The fact that I already have dual-pol sectors deployed woud save a lot of time and money.

So the choice is 60* cambium X-pole sectors or 120* dual-linear sectors.

I'm also sitting on a thousand yagi antennas from 11dBi to 17dBi, which I've been saving from all our upgrades to other frequencies.  What a shame to throw these in a dumpster.  It is easy enough to mount two of them in HV on a single pole and use pigtails to connect them.  I don't think I need to space them too far apart if they are opposite poles.  Using them X-pole seems possible if I used a 45* pole to pole mount and cut short spans of conduit.

I've been pretty curious about 3rd party antenna options for the new PMP450i radios as well. I've ordered some of the 16dBi UBNT yagi's for testing against the 13dBi Cambium yagi's. I'm most interested in how a dual slant vs. dual linear works in my enviroment. I'll post my results here pretty soon.

The stock Cambium antennas do give you the maximum EIRP @ 36dBm however... anything more and you're out of compliance.

Thank Eric,  it would be awesome to get your experience.

I should also add that we still maintain Omni antenna at micro sites.  I would like to continue doing so.  I have no options for X-pole omni's.  I'm currently using 10dBm Kathrein Scala H-Pole omni's with my PMP100.  They are only 3" in diameter and keep my windload down on light-duty towers.  Adding a second 900Mhz V-Pole omni would be an easy, light solution to get MIMO... the only option I think.

This to say that Antenna choices are all HV so far. Cambiums own offererings do not fit the budget unless I'm deploying full 6 sector sites, which doesn't fit the budget or the model that PMP100 forces us into.

For me, I see an unused resource sitting here to use or waste.  Adding $100 to every SM purchase adds up quickly.  Maintaining compliance is simply a software configuratoin.