900Mhz 6 AP cluster with 2 channels

The tower I am planning to go on has 924 upwards swamped.

Could I use 6 Integrated AP’s with alternating channels around the cluster synced with a CMM Micro?

Anyone know if this would work OK? I would still have 60 degree separation between APs on the same channel.

probably not. How many customers would you expext to serve off that tower? If less than 200 you could go with 1 connectorized with a omni, or you could maby see if you could find 2 180 antennas and cover it with 2 ap’s for maby 400 sm’s if your lucky.

I am trying to stay clear of an Omni.

1. the potential for interference would be worse,
2. the gain is lower,
3. less down tilt, I will be on a mountain.

I don’t think anyone really believes we could get 200 subscribers on one 900MHz AP. Mind you I have heard of one person that has 90 and he says he has no issues.

That said and done, if it wasn’t for the 3 points above I would start with a single AP and Omni and build up as required.

I think I will look at 4 90 degree sectors.

well we expect to do about 160 on 1 ap with software schedule and about 80 with hardware schedule see the through put is higher in hardware mode then the amout of subscribers will be less than in software mode. but keep in mind we sell alot od 128k and 384 k packages.

I don’t sell anything except “full out,” here. I charge for bandwidth instead.

But then, we’re putting 20Mbps backhaul radios on just about every tower and bringing them back to a multi-gigabit switch.