900MHz, 9.4 software, config source

Hello -

I recently updated one of my three APs to 9.4 software to try out. 90% of the SMs connected to it are also at 9.4 (everything was at 9.3 previously).

I am not using an authentication server for setting SM bandwidth. Problem is, on the AP, when I cange this setting (configuration source) to SM and click save, it goes back to authentication server. It will not keep the SM setting.

What gives?

try a different browser

No change…

If you modify other settings on the AP are they retained once you click on Save Changes? You may want to consider upgrading to 9.42 and then to 9.5

yes, all other settings I can change and save, just not that one. I’ll try to goto 9.4.2 and see what happens.

Thanks for your input.

I had a customer that reported a similar issue with P9 boards only… moving to 9.4.2 resolved the issue.

The 9.4.2 release notes also list this as a resolved issue in Table 4.