900Mhz Advantage AP's with dropping SM's

We have a site that has 6-900 Advatage AP’s (P9 Hardware) CMM Micro, and has been running pretty well for a few years now. The site is in a rural area, and it has 50 to 70 customer SM’s on each AP. With the latest two firmware upgrades, we have noticed for no reason at all (i.e. Interference, or other typical circumstances) SM’s will just dropp off the AP. They will go idle in the AP’s session list. The only way they will come back on is with a reboot of the AP. Signal strength is strong for example -65 to -75 with high RSSI levels. This is a quite area for 900Mhz. Has anyone else seen this? We are concerned about this, since it effects customers, and our service to them.

Also with this latest upgrade, we are finding that after the site gets a little busy, it begins to loose packets, again unexplained. We have set up bandwidth and packet monitoring, we can see AP’s start to go crazy, in that they begin to have high packet loss, when we reboot them, it will clear up for hours or even days.

HELP!!! We are going crazy!!!

may be related, we have not yet moved to v8, but we recently deployed a pair of BH that came with V8. 3 weeks in a for no reason the link starts to go idle, reboot the slave and nothing, reboot the master and it comes back up, 12 hours later it goes down again…

(a Master BH behaves like an AP)… we still monitoring this to see if it may be something else…