900Mhz AP splits to two 60 deg. directional antenna

Is it possible for a 900 Mhz Connectortized AP to split to two 60 deg. directional antenna using splitter/combiner? any thoughts.

Not recommended. You will only be putting half the power into each antenna and that is after you lose 3dB per leg on the splitter.

Better to use a 120deg antenna. Your range will be lower than if you used a single 60deg (best performance) or a 90deg (still decent), and the quality of your links will not be as good because the wider antenna will pick up more stray interference. If you only need less than 7 miles or so, I think a 120 will be OK.

Some folks have used wider antennas with varying success. Depends on how noisy of an environment you are in. We would never get away with it.

we used a splitter on 1 900 ap to 2 tiltek 120 panels and it works pretty good i have one customer 7 miles away with only 5 regesters in over 6 months. its still not a good idea but i didnt have the money for 2 ap’s and this will by me some time.

kmeadows, what brand of splitter did you use, and where did you get it if I may ask?

i used this


I see this unit has a 0.4dBi insertion loss.
Is the power halved to each antenna?

I.e. With a 28dBm output from the radio, will each antenna get 27.6dbM or 13.6dBm?

should be a total of 13.6 each i am pretty sure + the gain of the antenna of course