900Mhz APs won't take sync?

I have three 900Mhz APs that won’t take sync from a CMM. I re-deployed them from one position where they were generating internal sync to a tower with CMM, and now all three won’t take sync. We tested the cabling, swapped some cables from APs that were synced fine, and updated the software on the whole network (using a Windows machine… ghakk). No go.

We’re right now going to reset the things to factory and set them up again, but surely this shouldn’t be necessary. And we can only hope they will work.

Has this happened to anyone else?

What do you have set for “Sync Input” in the APs?

What is the “Sync Pulse Statue” on the CMM?

How many sats is the CMM tracking?

Is the date/time correct on the CMM (minus a potiental timezone SNAFU)?

ahull wrote:
What do you have set for "Sync Input" in the APs?

Set from the power timing sync.

How many sats is the CMM tracking?

Seven. The other three units in the cluster were fine. We replaced them with three new APs and they work fine too. This was definitely three units that were defective or had something burn for no apparent reason.

Thanks for the update.

That’s a very odd (and spesfic) thing to break.

Well anyway, have a good weekend.